Helping Organizations Refine Their Vision, Systems and People

CEATH Company Services

Through training, employee development, coaching and selection, CEATH Company helps organizations refine their vision, systems and people.

Offered in workshop, conference, small group and one-on-one settings, our organizational systems, process and technologies include:


  • Visioning conferences
  • STRAP™ rapid application prototyping systems design
  • Retail network surveys
  • Focus groups for employee as customers
  • Mystery shopping of competitors
  • PACEM™ comparative data analysis
  • Retail assessment capabilities
  • Performance Tracking Scorecards™
  • Higher Education Technology Assessment


  • Process Improvement analysis and consultation
  • ADAPTT™ Action Plan tracking
  • D-PIT™ Dealership Process Improvement
  • Manufacturing Manager Pro
  • Scheduler’s Workbench
  • PAMS™ project management system
  • SPORT™ multi-person resource scheduling and project management
  • PROWIK™ knowledge base management
  • Sakai consultation and support
  • Pedagogy and Technology conference
  • Project management support and services


  • Factory on a Desk-Top™ process improvement simulation
  • HealthyIntegration™ healthcare reorganization simulation
  • E-Ball™ virtual team simulation
  • Customized workshop design
  • Workshops on customer service, process improvement and project management
  • Conference and convention design
  • Conference and convention logistics and development
To find out more about CEATH Company services, contact them directly at (859) 986-8702.
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