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Want to prevent many problems leaders often unwittingly create for themselves?

Looking to create a quality pool of leadership talent ready to step up and lead?

The Leaders Journal

…a weekly video post — 3-5 minutes long — delivers practical tips, ideas and challenges to help leaders avoid or solve some of the problems they often unintentionally create for themselves while creating a ready pool of leadership talent for organizations. 

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 I absolutely LOVE the content your team has put together. We’ve even incorporated the videos into our weekly team meetings, and are really seeing some great results! ~ Ali W., Project Accountant, Assistant VP

Attention: High Potential Employees and Those Who Aspire to Lead
  • Are you looking to fast-track your preparation for a leadership position?
  • Do you want to hit the ground running when the opportunity comes calling?
  • Do you want to avoid the frustration and headaches of unintentional, but all too common, leadership blunders?

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Attention: Operations Vice Presidents & Directors:
  • Are you looking to prevent costly mistakes by leaders who should have known better but never got the training?
  • Do you want a quality pool of talent ready to step into leadership roles?
  • Wouldn’t you like to train your people without disrupting business operations?
  • Are you looking to create a consistent leadership culture throughout your group?
The Leaders Journal may be for you. This weekly video post — 3-5 minutes long — helps you:
  • Be ready to make a leadership impact immediately.
  • Learn the nuances of leadership not covered in most training courses.
  • Avoid lost productivity, time and money from “preventable” mistakes.
  • Reinforce and extend leadership growth every week.
  • Get in-depth leadership training without disrupting business operations.

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It’s Fast, It’s Focused, It’s Practical…

Each week, you’ll receive an email announcing the latest episode of the Leaders Journal. Each episode is fast — no more than 3 to 5 minutes long — then you’re back to work, the soccer game or wherever you need to be. Each episode is focused on a specific problem issue or key leadership component — with to-the-point guidance. And each episode presents a practical call-to-action or challenge to put into practice the week’s lesson.

…And the First 13 Weeks Are On Us!

Yes, you read that right! Our goal is to help you build leadership talent and prevent problems. If you find the Leaders Journal is a great tool for doing that — and we think you will! — you’ll have an opportunity to extend your subscription at a very reasonable price later. Enjoy the first 13 weeks with our compliments!

Like the Sound of That & You’re Ready to Get Started?

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…and discover a fast, focused, practical way to prevent common leadership mistakes and ensure a ready pool of leadership talent!

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