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Beyond the Basics: Training for the Experienced Leader

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Beyond the Basics: Training for the Experienced Leader

9 Online Courses – 38 Lessons

Are you battling time-consuming, productivity-sapping problems unwittingly created by bad leadership habits and behaviors? Reduce stress and turmoil – learn the habits and behaviors every leader should commit to and those to avoid. Prevent performance and motivation problems before they happen — learn what really motivates behavior – it’s not what most managers think. Get to team goals faster and smoother! Learn how to assess the make-up of your team. Anticipate and prepare for team member concerns. Minimize challenges to your leadership authority and power – and tactfully use your leadership power and authority. Discover how and when to empower your employees. Minimize messy conflict and confrontation issues – the right way! Lead your team from simply “getting along” to getting more done! Get step-by-step help to prepare and deliver presentations more confidently. Run focused, productive meetings! Prevent negative aftermath and counterproductive results when conducting performance appraisals. Learn the must-haves for performance appraisals that reduce frustration – yours and the employee’s — while building consistent employee development.

  • Things Every Leader Should and Shouldn’t Do
  • Two Motivational Truths that Unlock Secrets of Your Employees’ Behavior
  • What Creates A Motivating Work Environment: It May Not Be What You Think
  • Two Types of Motivation: The Most Common vs. the Most Effective
  • Good vs. Bad Behavior: Why Employees Do What They Do
  • How 3 Universal Employee Needs Affect Motivation
  • Preventative Leadership: How to Discover Employee Needs
  • A Group, a Mob or a Team: Which are You Leading?
  • How Will This Affect Me? Common Team Building Questions to Expect
  • Starting Off Right: Keys to Onboarding Team Members
  • Types of Authority: Which Do You Have? Which Do You Use?
  • How Leadership Power Impacts Employees
  • Predictable Ways Employees Respond to Leadership Power
  • What is Empowerment? When are Employees Ready to be Empowered?
  • Conflict vs. Confrontation: The Important Difference for Leaders
  • The Right Way to Manage Confrontation
  • Moving from Cooperation to Collaboration
  • How to Win Consideration for Your Ideas
  • What Are the Real Objectives When Presenting?
  • How to Lead an Effective Meeting
  • Brainstorming and Debriefing: Overlooked Tools When Leading a Meeting
  • Performance Appraisals: The Overlooked Value of Evaluations
  • Pitfalls to Avoid in the Performance Appraisal Process
  • What to Do Before, During and After Conducting a Performance Appraisal

“Beyond the Basics: Training for the Experienced Leader” bundle includes:

  • 38 Video lessons
  • Learning activities for application
  • Journaling challenges
  • Discussion board questions
  • Mentoring exercises
  • Unlimited access for 1 user for 1 year
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Beyond the Basics: Training for the Experienced Leader
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