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Leadership Essentials for Frontline Supervisors

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Leadership Essentials for Frontline Supervisors

8 Online Courses – 33 Lessons

Those in frontline supervision have no time to waste on problems caused by inadequate leadership skills. Save precious productive time and reduce personnel problems. Learn the fundamental leadership skills every frontline supervisor should know — plus the actions and attitudes wise supervisors avoid. Prevent performance and motivation problems before they happen. Understand what really motivates employee behavior – and the motivating factors that produce results! Get to team goals faster and easier! Understand, anticipate and prepare for team build concerns. Learn how to avoid challenges to your leadership authority and power. Discover how and when to empower your employees. Get a step-by-step method to resolve the root issues of conflict and confrontation – the right way! Lead your team from simply “getting along” to getting more done! Learn to listen and talk “with” people so you’re trusted with important messages. Discover how to say “no” — the right way! Write and document confidently. Get step-by-step help to prepare and deliver presentations more confidently.

  • Discover Your Leadership Style: What Kind of Leader are You?
  • Things Every Leader Should and Shouldn’t Do
  • Two Motivational Truths that Unlock Secrets of Your Employees’ Behavior
  • What Creates A Motivating Work Environment: It May Not Be What You Think
  • Two Types of Motivation: The Most Common vs. the Most Effective
  • Good vs. Bad Behavior: Why Employees Do What They Do
  • How 3 Universal Employee Needs Affect Motivation
  • Preventative Leadership: How to Discover Employee Needs
  • A Group, a Mob or a Team: Which are You Leading?
  • How Will This Affect Me? Common Team Building Questions to Expect
  • Starting Off Right: Keys to Onboarding Team Members
  • Types of Authority: Which Do You Have? Which Do You Use?
  • How Leadership Power Impacts Employees
  • Predictable Ways Employees Respond to Leadership Power
  • What is Empowerment? When are Employees Ready to be Empowered?
  • Conflict vs. Confrontation: The Important Difference for Leaders
  • The Right Way to Manage Confrontation
  • Moving from Cooperation to Collaboration
  • How to Communicate to Build Trust
  • The Forgotten Communication Skill: Listening
  • The Positive Way to Say No
  • Elements of Written Communication and Documentation
  • How to Win Consideration for Your Ideas
  • What Are the Real Objectives When Presenting?

“Leadership Essentials for Frontline Supervisors” bundle includes:

  • 33 Video lessons
  • Learning activities for application
  • Journaling challenges
  • Discussion board questions
  • Mentoring exercises
  • Unlimited access for 1 user for 1 year
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Leadership Essentials for Frontline Supervisors
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