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Your Managers, Supervisors, and Leaders are Your Company’s Most Valuable Resource Invest in their Success and Prevent Costly Mistakes with our Online Training for Leaders

For Managers Who Need To…

  • Consistently motivate employees
  • Re-engage underperforming individuals
  • Manage meetings more effectively
  • Deliver clearer presentations

And For Companies That Need To…

  • Keep leaders on the same page, at the same time
  • Train leaders without interrupting regular operations
  • Prepare managers for the transition to leadership
  • Avoid costly mistakes and time-consuming problems

Just a Few of the Companies that Boost Accountability, Communication, and Passion with Our On-site and Online Leadership Training

Leaders Ought to Know Clients

Because Leadership Can Make Or Break Your Company,

Count On Us to Improve Your Company’s Most Valuable Resource

Wouldn’t you like to improve the leadership, motivation, team building and communication among your team…without starting from scratch…and without paying thousands of dollars for in-house leadership training? Here’s how Leaders Ought to Know will help you improve the leadership skills of your team to avoid costly mistakes.

Premium Leadership ContentPremium Leadership Content

Videos, articles, whitepapers, and other resources delivering the essential core concepts of leadership development. A compelling hybrid of timeless foundational concepts and real-world examples from organizations like yours. See a complete list of the topics we cover.

Interactive Learning Activities

Exercises and interactive assignments designed to support the practical application of our core concepts to your organization. That’s something you just don’t get from other programs.

Member-Only Online Discussion Board

Interact with other professionals and Leaders Ought To Know® experts about the leadership issues that matter most to you. No more unheard voices — gain valuable perspective from leaders across many industries!

Crafted to Meet Your Company's NeedsCrafted to Meet Your Leadership Needs

Design a custom course for your organization. Get the content that fits your organization’s goals. Whether you’re training a small number of employees or several employees in multiple locations, our online learning system keeps your whole team on the same page, at the same time!


Here are 20 Ways You Can Improve Your Organization’s Leadership Culture Through Leaders Ought To Know® Leadership Training!

Explore the Possibilities Now with a FREE Trial Course from our Online Leadership Library…

  • Uncover your unique leadership style
  • Begin building your team’s trust
  • Start earning employees’ respect
  • Learn secrets to motivating staff
  • Reduce confusion among staff
  • Start to re-engage lagging staff
  • Effectively debrief employees
  • Meet your staff’s “3 Core Needs”
  • Boost employee job satisfaction
  • Build better work teams
  • Clearly communicate best practices
  • Get employees to accept responsibility
  • Reduce wasted time in meetings
  • Brainstorm more effectively
  • Write executable memos and emails
  • More accurately evaluate employees
  • Identify managers’ leadership styles
  • Discover how to hire better leaders
  • Revitalize your rewards system
  • Make on-the-job training count
  • Successfully document workplace incidents


Leaders Ought To Know® Online Leadership Training Transforms Managers Into Engaging Leaders…

But Don’t Take Our Word For It. Check Out These Two Case Studies:

Helena Agri-Enterprises, LLC
Their Profile: Distributor of agricultural enhancement products with 3,000-employees and 350 sales locations nationwide
Their Challenge: An influx of young managers demands a review of best leadership strategy; consistent growth demands a cohesive training solution.
Bill Smith Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager, Bill Smith, appreciated the flexibility of our Online Leadership Training: One of the things I’ve really enjoyed thus far is how quickly the group is coming together. The initial piece that I see is the ability for it to be really flexible for our sales staff. It’s going to give them the ability to work on it at night or during the day. The technology is very user-friendly, but more importantly, you’ve taken the complex topic of leadership and made it very simple and straightforward.

Brian Mattingly, a Sales Manager, shared how LOTK will help Helena manage the transition: We are going to have several folks exit the company in the next 10 to 15 years, and the ability for us to transition the right folks into the right position and to make sure the company stays on strategy, means making sure that transfer of information and empowerment is within those young folks. The most important aspect of the program is our ability to follow the program and then follow up with exercises.
Baptist Health Madisonville
Their Profile: 410-bed hospital in Madisonville, KY, featuring heart care, women’s care, cancer care, and hospice services, among others.
Their Challenge: Maintaining communication and accountability among leaders while lives are on the line; typical leadership programs don’t fit a doctor’s schedule.

Vice President and Chief HR Officer, David Lang, lauded LOTK’s accountability-building: Trying to get something that was driven to their desktop was important. I think it’s important to use the technology that’s available right now. Leaders Ought to Know is important because of the sustainability and the fact that there’s that ongoing, week-by-week follow-up. I think it will build team spirit in the short term. The long term goal is that they become better leaders.

Kevin Moser

Kevin Moser, Director of Sports Medicine, says leadership principles are finally practical! I think the most exciting thing for me is it’s an actual structure to my path. I’ve been looking for something like this in my [leadership development process]… Leaders Ought to Know shows me the way to take knowledge and make it a viable, usable item for the day.


Start Your 30-Day, No Risk Trial for Online Leadership Training

Start Your 30-Day, No Risk Trial for Online Leadership Training
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